Managed Medical Assistance Story #2

A member with HIV was assigned to her Clear Health Care Coordinator while admitted to a hospital for a severe infection.  The Care Coordinator was able to talk to her several times and helped her understand the urgency to remain in compliance with her medication and treatment plan. She had a problem with substance abuse, but was unwilling to address her addictions with the Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator was patient and persistent with the member, and the member finally decided to start taking her HIV medications and enter into care with an infectious disease provider at a local community based organization.  For a time, she was trying but not completely compliant with her medications and treatment. She then relocated and the Care Coordinator helped her find a new doctor who she is comfortable seeing. The member is now compliant and scheduling her own appointments and transportation. Her latest lab test results show improvement and her Care Coordinator hopes to see much more improvement in the near future. The member sent her Care Coordinator a postcard stating, “Through all of my inconsistences, you never turned me away when I came running back for help. You’ve impacted my life in ways you will never know, that I cannot explain. Just know I appreciate you and owe my life to you!”