Long-term Care Story #2

A Molina member was hospitalized for a psychiatric condition, and following discharge had to move into a nursing facility to receive the care he needed.  In addition to his psychiatric condition, he was unable to walk unassisted and required physical assistance with bathing, dressing, and toileting. Fortunately, he enrolled in Molina Long-term Care shortly after moving into the nursing facility and started working with his Case Manager.  While continuing to receive physical and occupational therapy at his nursing facility, he expressed an interest in living in a less restrictive environment.

The case manager worked with him to develop goals and a plan, and a couple months after, he was able to walk on his own with the assistance of a walker.  He made so much progress with his therapies that, with the support of his family and the case manager, he was able to move to an assisted living facility a few miles from the beach.  Not long after, the member told his case manager that he was very pleased with his progress and the move to assisted living. At a follow-up visit with the case manager, he was excited to share that he had been on shopping outings with his peers from the assisted living, and that he goes next door for reading materials and participates in activities in the building where he resides.