Helpful Brochures, Pamphlets, and Other Agency Approved Publications

The Agency has developed different materials to help recipients and providers better understand the Florida Medicaid program.

Name Description Version
Child Health Check-up Information on the services Florida Medicaid will cover for your child’s health check-up and additional services if your child needs them English
Creole [3.21MB]
Dental Care for Your Child’s Health Information on available dental services for your child through Florida Medicaid English
Spanish [500KB] Creole [497KB]
Information to Help You Stop Using Tobacco This brochure provides information on how tobacco use affects your health, encourages visiting your primary care doctor for tobacco related health issues, and services the Medicaid health plans offer to help stop tobacco use. English
Spanish [1.66MB] Creole [1.64MB]
Insure Kids Now Information on Florida Medicaid and Florida KidCare as health insurance options for children English [1.55MB] Spanish [1.55MB] Creole [1.55MB]
Medicaid Enrollment Anytime Information on who is eligible to enroll in Florida Medicaid or Florida KidCare, and what services you can receive English [315KB] Spanish [322KB] Creole [322KB]
Medicaid Fair Hearings Information on the Medicaid Fair Hearing process including, what a fair hearing is, how to prepare for a fair hearing, what to expect at a fair hearing, appealing a fair hearing final order and additional contact information. English
Spanish [1.17MB] Creole [1.17MB]
Medicaid Transportation Services Information on non-emergency and emergency transportation services with Florida Medicaid, as well as how to schedule a ride. English
Spanish [1.67MB] Creole [1.69MB]
Medically Needy Program This brochure, developed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), provides some frequently asked questions and helpful information about how the Medically Needy program works. English [240KB] Spanish [245KB] Creole [245KB]
Pregnancy and Oral Health Information on dental care during pregnancy and how to obtain dental services through Medicaid. English [428KB] Spanish [429KB] Creole [429KB]
Ready with Health Insurance Information on Florida Medicaid and Florida KidCare as health insurance options for children English [205KB] Spanish [295KB] Creole [209KB]
Think Teeth Helpful tips on how to care for your child's teeth and information on Florida Medicaid and Florida KidCare dental services English [426KB] Spanish [427KB] Creole [427KB]
Using Florida Medicaid for Your Health Care Information on covered services, how to use your Gold Card and other helpful tips once you are enrolled in the Florida Medicaid program English [2.63MB] Spanish [2.06MB] Creole [2.06MB]
Who To Contact Information on when to contact the Agency for Health Care Administration or other agencies for Medicaid and health care related information. English [1.22MB] Spanish [1.21MB] Creole [1.21MB]