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Medicaid Child Health Check-Up

The Child Health Check-Up program is a preventive and comprehensive service for eligible children birth through 20 years of age and for children in the Medicaid program.

Good health starts with regular check-ups! Regular check-ups help to identify health problems before they become serious.

Is it time for your child’s check-up? Call your child's doctor today to schedule an appointment.

Available Services: Eligible children and young adults should have a health check-up at:
  • Regular physical exams

  • Growth Measurements

  • Immunizations (shots)

  • Vision and hearing screenings

  • Dental Screenings

  • Other important tests and services

  • Referral for diagnosis and treatment, if necessary
  • birth;
  • 3-5 days for newborns discharged in less than 48 hours after delivery;
  • by 1 month;
  • 2 months;
  • 4 months;
  • 6 months;
  • 9 months;
  • 12 months;
  • 15 months;
  • 18 months;
  • 24 months;
  • 30 months;
  • once every year for ages 3-20.

You may also request a Child Health Check-Up at other times if you think your child needs it.

Florida's Medicaid Services for Children under the age of 21
Available Services: As long as it is medically necessary, you can expect:
  • Services to be free.
  • No co-payment.
  • No limit on approved services.
  • No wait list for services.
  • No total coverage limit on approved services.
  • No limit on the number of visits to the Doctor, Therapist, Dentist, or any other Medicaid Provider.
  • Services covered now that may not be after your child reaches the age of 21.

Services may need a referral or prior approval.

For more information on Child Health Check-Ups, call your health plan, County Health Department, Community Health Center or local Medicaid field office.