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Medicaid is the medical assistance program that provides access to health care for low-income families and individuals.  Medicaid also assists the elderly and people with disabilities with the costs of nursing facility care and other medical and long-term care expenses.

In Florida, the Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) is responsible for Medicaid.  The Agency successfully completed the implementation of the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) program in 2014.  Under the SMMC program, most Medicaid recipients are enrolled in a health plan.  Nationally accredited health plans were selected through a competitive procurement for participation in the program.

The Division of Medicaid’s website is designed to align with our functional organizational structure. 

Some examples of where key information can be found under the new structure are below:
Looking for information on: Go to:
Behavior Analysis Services Information Bureau of Medicaid Policy
Health Plan Contracts and Information Statewide Medicaid Managed Care
Health Plan Enrollment Bureau of Medicaid Data Analytics
Health Plan Rates Bureau of Medicaid Data Analytics
HEDIS Performance Measures Bureau of Medicaid Quality
Institutional Rates Bureau of Medicaid Program Finance
LIP/DSH/GME Operations Bureau of Medicaid Program Finance
Medicaid Eligibles Bureau of Medicaid Data Analytics
MES Procurement Strategy Bureau of Medicaid Fiscal Agent Operations
Nursing Home Prospective Payment System Bureau of Medicaid Program Finance
Pharmacy Policy Bureau of Medicaid Policy
Provider Fee Schedules and Provider Handbooks Bureau of Medicaid Policy
Recent Presentations and Reports Medicaid Program Coordination
Recipient Support and Provider Services Bureau of Medicaid Recipient and Provider Assistance
State Plan Bureau of Medicaid Policy

Please click on the link below to view a high level organizational chart of the Medicaid Division.  This organizational chart will help you navigate our site.

Medicaid High Level Organizational Chart, June 2018 [177KB PDF]

For additional information on the program, please choose one of the following links.

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