Organ Transplant Advisory Council

The Florida Legislature established the Organ Transplant Advisory Council in 1985 to recommend indications for adult and pediatric organ transplants to the Agency for Health Care Administration. The council consists of twelve members who are physicians.  The council also formulates guidelines and standards for organ transplants and for the development of End Stage Organ Disease and Tissue/Organ Transplant programs. These recommendations, guidelines, and standards are only for those health programs funded through the Agency for Health Care Administration.

Florida Statutes authorizing the formation of the Organ Transplant Advisory Council

Florida Medicaid State Plan as it pertains to organ transplantation [1.32MB PDF]

Organ Transplant Advisory Council Bylaws, 2015 [54KB PDF]

Organ Transplant Advisory Council Compliance with Sunshine Law [21KB PDF]

Medicaid Designated Transplant Centers as of November 2018 [38KB PDF]


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