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Certified School Match

The purpose of the Medicaid Certified School Match program is to provide reimbursement for medically necessary services provided by or arranged by a school district for Medicaid-eligible students from birth through 20 years of age.

Child Health Check-Up (CHCUP)

The Child Health Check-Up program is a preventive and comprehensive service for eligible children birth through 20 years of age and for children in the MediKids program.

County Health Department (CHD)
Certified Match Program

The purpose of the Medicaid County Health Department (CHD) Certified Match Program is to provide reimbursement to CHDs for medically necessary nursing, medication, administration, and social work services provided in a school setting to Medicaid-enrolled students from birth through 20 years of age.

Early Intervention Services

Medicaid may reimburse for services under the Early Intervention Services (EIS) program for Florida's infants and toddlers from birth to 36 months of age who have EIS services authorized in their Individualized Family Support Plan. These services include: screenings; initial or follow-up evaluations; and individual or group sessions. These services are for children who have a developmental delay(s) or a condition(s) that has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay(s). All EIS services must be medically necessary.

Medical Foster Care (MFC)

The Medical Foster Care (MFC) program enables Medicaid eligible children from birth through 20 years of age with medically-complex conditions whose parents cannot care for them in their own homes, to live and receive care in foster homes rather than in hospitals or other institutional settings. Children’s Medical Services (CMS) recruits MFC parents and provides training for them to care for the medically necessary needs of these children.

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC)

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) centers allow Medicaid eligible children from birth through 20 years of age with medically-complex conditions to receive continual medical care in a non-residential setting. When approved, children can attend a PPEC up to a maximum of 12 hours per day while receiving nursing services, personal care, developmental therapies, and caregiver training.

Child Health Service Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Medicaid reimburses for services under the Child Health Services Targeted Case Management (TCM) program for recipients from birth up to 3 years of age who are receiving services through the Department of Health Children’s Medical Services Early Steps program or Children’s Medical Services foster care contractors. These services assist Medicaid recipients in gaining access to medical social, educational, and other support services.

Therapy Services

The purpose of the therapy services program is to provide medically necessary occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), respiratory therapy (RT) and speech-language pathology (SLP) services to Medicaid recipients from birth through 20 years of age. Regardless of age, the therapy services program provides services to all Medicaid recipients for SLP services for the provision of augmentative and alternative communication systems and PT and OT services for wheelchair evaluations and fittings.

Need more information about the Child Health Services Programs?

The programs above are the primary services available to Medicaid eligible children. For more information regarding coverage for Medicaid eligible children, you may visit the Medicaid fiscal agent's Provider Web Portal. Once inside the site, look to the left of the screen and choose “Provider Support”, then ”Provider Handbooks”. Scroll until you locate the handbook you need. For example, if you need further information about the Therapy Services Program, choose “Therapy Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook.”


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