Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

The Agency for Health Care Administration is responsible for coordinating Medicaid overpayment and abuse prevention, detection and recovery efforts. The Attorney General's office is responsible for investigating and prosecuting Medicaid fraud.

Below are some links that provide additional information:

  • Medicaid Fraud:  Protect Your Tax Dollars: This link directs you to the Agency’s Inspector General’s guidance in helping you understand the importance of reporting Medicaid fraud.  It also provides links to additional resources about Medicaid fraud, abuse, and overpayments

  • Report Medicaid Abuse and Overpayment: The following links are available to assist you in reporting Fraud, Abuse, and Overpayments.  You are also directed to information about the Agency’s Bureau of Medicaid Program Integrity.

Additionally, information about self audits and other compliance-related issues are published in the Medicaid Provider Bulletins.  Bulletins include “Medicaid Compliance Corner”, a series of articles addressing provider obligations to ensure compliance with program rules and other substantive policy matters that are relevant to providers’ compliance efforts.

Reporting Medicaid Fraud