FAQs Section 16: Making Personnel Changes

Home health agencies must notify the AHCA Home Care Unit of the following administrative personnel changes:

Individuals must meet the qualifications for the positions as stated in Chapter 400, Part III, Florida Statutes and Rule 59A-8, Florida Administrative Code. (See Section 6 for personnel qualifications)

NEW: Complete sections 1A, 1B, 2, 5 and 14 of the Health Care Licensing Application, Home Health Agency, AHCA Form 3110-1011 and submit to Agency for Health Care Administration, Home Care Unit, MS #34, 2727 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, Florida, 32308.
The following documentation must be submitted with the change(s):

If the individual does not have a level 2 background screening clearance, go to the Agency’s background screening web page at http://ahca.myflorida.com/backgroundscreening for information on the requirements for fingerprinting and the locations throughout the state where the scanning of fingerprints is done.

Change of Administrator:
AHCA shall fine a home health agency $500 that fails to notify the agency within 21 days of a change in Administrator pursuant to 408.813 (3), F.S. and 59A.35.110(1)(c), F.A.C.

Administrators may manage up to 5 agencies that:

Each licensed entity must have a qualified alternate administrator to serve during the administrator's absence.

Change of Director of Nursing:
AHCA shall fine a home health agency $1,000 that fails to notify the agency within 10 days of a change in Director of Nursing pursuant to 408.813 (3), F.S. and 400.476(2)(b), F.S.

Home health agencies offering skilled nursing care must:

If the home health agency that provides skilled nursing care operates for more than 30 days without a director of nursing:

If any of the personnel changes will be for positions that will be designated to submit the online licensure renewal application, remember to go to https://apps.ahca.myflorida.com/SingleSignOnPortal to register and submit a new User Agreement. The Administrator signing the new User agreement must be the Administrator of record with the Agency or the User agreement will not be approved. 

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