Health Care Services Pool Frequently Asked Questions

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4.1 My company is based in another state, what must I do to operate in Florida?

ANSWER: You must file for an Affidavit of Foreign Incorporation with the Florida Department of State. See the response to Section 2 question #2.8. You will need to obtain a health care services pool registration from AHCA, as provided at this site.


4.2 Can I have an office address in another state?



4.3 Can I operate all my offices on the one registration?

ANSWER: No, there must be a separate registration for each physical location from which you are conducting business.


4.4 Can I operate from my home or do I need an office?

ANSWER: You may operate from with your home or a commercial office as long as you comply with your local zoning laws.  Please note that you may get inspected on an unannounced basis during the weekday if a complaint is received by AHCA. Also, your business name, your street address, and your telephone number will appear at the AHCA web site


4.5 Am I restricted to a certain geographic area of the state to operate?



4.6 Can a managing employee or financial officer cover more than one office?



4.7 I am out of state and want to transport nurses to do temporary work in Florida, do I have to be registered?