Bureau of Health Facility Regulation

Assisted Living Unit: Assisted Living Facilities*, Adult Day Care Center*, Adult Family Care Homes*
Commercial Managed Care Unit: Commercial Health Maintenance Organizations, Exclusive Provider Organizations, Health Flex Plan Programs, Consumer Assistance Program, Prepaid Health Clinics
Health Care Clinic Unit: Health Care Clinic
Home Care Unit: Health Care Services Pools, Home Health Agency, Homemaker Companion Services*, Home Medical Equipment Providers, Hospices, and Nurse Registry
Hospital and Outpatient Services Unit: Abortion Clinics*, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Birth Centers*, Community Mental Health Centers/Partial Hospitalization Programs, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation, Crisis Stabilization Units* and Short Term Residential Treatment Facilities, Diagnostic Imaging Services, Hospitals*, Portable X-ray, Rehabilitation Agencies, Residential Treatment Centers for Children and Adolescents, Residential Treatment Facilities, Risk Manager, and Rural Health Clinic
Laboratory Licensure Unit: Clinical Laboratories, Drug-free Workplace Laboratories, End Stage Renal Disease, Multiphasic health Testing Center*, Organ procurement Organization, Tissue Banks, and Eye Banks
Long Term Care Unit: Nursing Homes*, Intermediate Care Facilities*, Homes for Special Services*, Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Facilities*, Transitional Living Facilities*
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Public Record Search: The Agency's Final Orders, Emergency Order, and Statements of Deficiencies may be viewed here.
Minimum Data Set (MDS):  A standardized definition of items used to improve quality of care by assessing the needs and functional status of residents in long term care facilities that participate in the Medicare and/or Medicaid program.
Outcome Assessment Information Set (OASIS):  A uniform core set of data elements used to improve quality of care by enabling measurement of patient outcomes in home health agencies that participate in the Medicare and/or Medicaid program.
Risk Management and Patient Safety Program

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